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Upload your design in the following formats only -


*Please note - files will be printed exactly how they arrive. Please check your files for any pixelation, blurriness, errors, etc. 

Southern Transfers is not responsible for files that do not print correctly due to the file submitted. No refunds will be given in this situation. 

Southern Transfers is not required to reach out to anyone with file issues. Doing so is a courtesy. 

If you do not have the correct file format for print, Southern Transfers offers design services to help you. Note- this is not a guarantee that the file you have can be reformatted for print.  

Southern Transfers assumes you have read and understood the Terms of Service by submitting your design. We will also assume you have not violated any trademark or copyright laws with your submittal. 

If a design is found to be in violation of such laws, Southern Transfers reserves the right to refuse to print. 


Gang Sheets FAQ

What size is a gang sheet?

Gang sheets are ideal when you have multiple designs (e.g., front/back/sleeve) or when you have a design or several designs that you may need in more than one size.

A gang sheet refers to printing multiple designs on the same transfer sheet. We print on 22”x300’ roll and we can often print several of the same design, or different designs, on the same sheet for one price.  To get gang sheet prices you must create the file and make sure it is ready to print, as we will not make any changes to your layout.

 If create your own gang sheet in a program such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or even Canva you can get the most value by being able to determine what is on each sheet. There are several tutorials online on how to create a gang sheet. When creating a gang sheet, there is no limit on how close the images can be to each other. You will get your gang sheet rolled up and you will need to cut the designs apart. Please, keep in mind that you will have to cut them apart- so you will want to leave yourself enough room to get around each design with scissors.  You can rotate your designs any way you’d like to make them fit best, they don’t have to be in any direction. 

Your images need to be at least 300 dpi and with a transparent background.  Make sure you remove the watermark from your art as it WILL print, and we are not responsible for any errors in your gang sheet.


In order to qualify for gang sheet pricing, you must create the file and it must be ready to print with no setup from us.  The file must be 300 dpi, transparent background, and be no wider than 22”.

Heat press instructions:
Must be applied with a heat press, a standard household iron WILL NOT work the heat press should be set to 325 degrees, (some heat presses vary, adjust accordingly)

  • Pre-press the fabric for 10 seconds to remove the moisture.
  • Place the DTF Transfer on the fabric with a Teflon sheet on top and press for 15 seconds with high pressure. 
  • Remove the material from the heat press and wait for the DTF Transfer to cool down completely, then peel. HOT or COLD PEEL
  • Place the fabric back onto the heat press, use a Teflon sheet or parchment paper on top, and press for 5-7 additional seconds. 



Your file must be in PostScript(PS)/EPS/TIFF/JPEG/BMP/PDF. Any files not in this format are subject to design fees or cancellation of order.

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